Further research, on the other hand, is essential to find out the best variety of ray to shoot into the air, just how much radiation is necessary, and also the most effective strategy of directing from any earth point a beam of this activating radiant energy. When these difficulties are solved, an illuminated canopy will likely be developed by the activated gases, directed over a defined area that should cover it with a soft sweet light.

How far has science gone towards these solutions? The tests which the Army is conducting in New Mexico, shooting the V-2 rockets 1 hundred and more miles into the air, will give part of the answer. They may inform just how much radiant energy of the sun is absorbed and lost as the earth's atmosphere is penetrated. swiss replica hublot More and more studies of fluorescent lighting will assist. Handle which can be gained more than electronic beams, passed through strong electromagnetic fields of force, will add towards the picture. hublot fake All studies in to the accurate directing of radiant power will develop toward this additional proof that the future of man lies within the upper air.

Some indication with the energy necessary to wring this light from the heavens was provided Mechanix Illustrated by Dr. Louis M. Heil, director of the department of Physics, hublot replica submariner Cooper Union College of Engineering, New York City.

"Assuming," mentioned Dr. Heil, "that a circle 1 and one-half miles in diameter (roughly the lighted area inside the accompanying photograph) had been to become irradiated with an even strength of ten foot-candles (in regards to the light that falls upon a book from a good reading lamp), 490 million lumens ought to fall upon it. To generate this variety of lumens from a neon, or from a fluorescent lamp, an input of ten million watts could be needed. That is, certainly, ten thousand kilowatts, that is, in terms of electric energy production, a negligible amount.

"This figure is, naturally, ideal"it assumes no loss, by absorption or dispersion, of your energy going up in to the air, or the light coming down to the earth. It really is not possible at present to calculate these losses. The total figure may well be double, triple and even quadruple the calculated ten thousand kilowatts. Energies are effortlessly within our reach."

Night Into Day (Feb, 1947)

Night Into Day

With the activation of gases within the Ionosphere, we'll have eternal day.


A NEW radiance may well soon pour-down in the evening sky, dispelling the darkness and altering the life of mankind within the future. This light, the brilliant glow of activated gases inside the Ionosphere, is now a definite scientific possibility.

Professor Etienne Vassy, Maitre de Conference in the Faculty of Sciences, Sorbonne University, Paris, has set imaginations soaring with his new theory. u-boat ifo He proposes to shoot a energy ray 50 miles into the air, up in to the thin gases of your Ionosphere, activating these gases and causing them to glow having a neon-like light. An artist's conception of this impact upon the small business section of New York City is shown inside the accompanying photograph. In this island of light, men and women could work devoid of artificial illumination.

The basis of this theory is sound. The strange colorful glow in the Aurora Borealis, and in the dimmer lights which astronomers discover faintly shining inside the heavens involving the stars, and which they call "the background light in the sky," happen to be duplicated by Dr. Joseph Kaplan in his Los Angeles laboratory. Dr. Kaplan has gained this effect working with only the rarer gases which constitute the higher layers on the air.

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