Education Services

School Management System

ELIXOM AISU is a web-based school management system that provides schools with the opportunity to manage their entire school system in an integrated, seamless and comprehensive way. 

ELIXOM AISU is powered by an operating system (OS) called Edugentel. ELIXOM AISU is a fully integrated system that has at its core Analytics, Insight, Security & User Experience (AISU) and the strength of the software and the needs of the schools are fully support by these key strengths. Another key component which lies at the heart of ELIXOM AISU and forms a core driver is Edu-Intelligence.  Edu-Intelligence is a dynamic and powerful component that allows the SMS to capture and generate useful information that principals, teachers and general administrators may garner. It provides them with data-driven and data-supported insights allowing them to make informed, specialist as well as target decisions with greater confidence in its accuracy, reliability and timeliness.   

ELIXOM AISU enables principals, teachers, parents and students to carry out a seamless number of functions that enables the whole school to have a wholesome experience.  

School Communication Solutions

Tred Labs Education Services Ltd. offers a number of school communication solutions to provide greater safety and enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. These solutions includes, emergency notification, public address system (messaging), two-way intercom communications, break bell systems and more.

Smart Board Technology

An interactive whiteboard, also called a smart-board is an instructional tool that provides significant support for teachers and students in the classroom. Interactive whiteboard are powerful classroom tools. The interactive whiteboard allows computer images to be displayed unto a board using a digital projector and with this, the instructor may then manipulate the elements on the board by using his/her finger as a mouse, directly on the screen. Items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the teacher may hand-write notes, which may be transformed into text.

They accentuate the classroom by adding interactivity and collaboration, allowing the integration of media content into the teaching as well as supporting collaborative learning. Due to their innovative nature, they create a wide range of learning opportunities.

An interactive whiteboard can be a cost saver as this technology demonstrates how one computer can provide learning stimuli for a whole classroom.

Computer & Tablet Supplies Including Repairs

Tred Labs Education Services is a leading supplier and repairer of computers and tablets. We supply all the major brands and as schools incorporate greater use of computers and tablets into their curriculum delivery as well as administrative operations, it is important now more than ever that schools are able to have a reliable and reputable partner. Tred Labs Education Services provides a service that seeks to support schools in the most adequate, effective and efficient way. 


Tred laboratories Limited is a Certified Network Cable Installer and is one of 8 companies licensed in Jamaica by Nexxt Solutions to offers 30 years warranty on structured cabling networks. Tred Labs also provides fiber optics cabling and has trained technicians to splice and repair fiber cables.


Systems Security and Data Backup

With proven partners to provide enterprise backup solutions, Tred Laboratories will ensure your data is always protected. We sell, service and configure a wide range of security appliances and can delivery training to ensure network stability and security. Tred labs also specializes in security awareness training, IT audits ad penetration testing.

Integrated Library System

Integrated library systems fall under the auspice of our Education department and represents several software. Koha however is the main ILS deployed. We offer training and support and Koha is a must have for any institution serious about library services. Koha basic modules for cataloging, serials, circulation, patron management, search, and the OPAC.

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